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CEO of ICOFC Appointed

The CEO of the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) appointed Mehdi Heidari as the CEO of the Iranian Central Oil Fields Company.


Mohsen Khojastehmehr issued a decree to appoint Mr. Heidari as the ICOFC CEO.

Improving the development and operational capacity of the company and professional guidance and supervision over the performance of subsidiaries, compensate for the decline in production capacity of fields by implementing priority and semi-finished projects, especially gas pressure boosting projects, paying special attention to leading and implementing the upstream part of gas storage projects, diligently implement the approved plans to increase the recovery and injection of gas in order to protect the reservoirs, timely implementation of plans for modernization, improvement and repair of fixed and rotating facilities and equipment, and attract and employ faithful, competent and talented forces and use capable, specialized and anti-corruption revolutionary leaders are some of the tasks entrusted with Mr. Heidari in his new position.

Mehdi Heidari has a master's degree in petroleum engineering.

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