Iranian Central Oilfields Company, as one of NIOC five major companies, is in charge of exploration, development, production, processing and transmission of oil and gas from onshore fields. More than 68 oil and gas fields are under ICOFC. Therefore, this company has direct impact on economic cycle as well as maintenance of country's national wealth and resources
To do the missions and duties favorably and to increase customers and beneficiaries' assurance, ICOFC has established and defined quality policy of the organization as follows:

Producing oil and gas emphasizing reservoirs' maintenance, production improvement and productivity enhancement.
Oil and gas fields development at minimum cost and time, and appropriate quality
Managing and monitoring oil and gas production from subsidiaries to achieve the planned objectives
Environment protection and optimized usage of resources and continuous attempt to reduce environment pollution and move towards preventive actions in this regard
Continual improvement of safety and health emphasizing injury prevention, incident reduction and damage control in the workplace
Promotion of employees knowledge , competency and efficiency

Recently, Iranian Central Oilfields Company has successfully received three international certificates: ISO 9001& ISO/TS 29001 (ISO stands for International Standards Organization), OHSAS 18001 (OHSAS stands for Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) and ISO 14001 (which relates to Environment management system)

While undertaking continual observation of the system's criteria and its effectiveness, the manager of the company calls all the personnel to spare no effort for quality improvement and attaining objectives of the company in a friendly work atmosphere
Quality policy and performance of quality management system and HSE are continuously evaluated and if need be, they are reviewed based on their competency and coordination with ICOFC activities and requirements





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