Iranian Central Oil Fields Company (ICOFC) is one of the main production companies under National Iranian Oil Company and among the largest gas producers in the country. This company is responsible for the production, development, processing and transportation of oil and gas in more than 85 known oil and gas fields in most of the offshore parts of the country. The performance of ICOFC plays a significant role in the economic cycle and sustainable energy supply of the country as well as preservation of national resources.

The headquarters of the company is located in Tehran and three affiliated companies of ICOFC including South Zagros, East and West Oil and Gas production Companies are based in Shiraz, Mashhad and Kermanshah cities, respectively.

Iranian Central Oil Fields Company, as the second gas producer in the country, and the only production company in charge of gas storage, is considered the largest production company with three subsidiaries covering 85 oil and gas fields in 14 provinces. This company has a significant role in gas supply and Oil production from joint fields.

Since establishment, ICOFC has implemented the development of 9 oil fields, 6 gas fields, and has constructed Parsian 2 refinery, Nar gas pressure station, etc.

The company's oil and gas production horizon, according to the prepared plans, is to achieve the production of 400 thousand barrels of oil per day and 400 million cubic meters of gas per day. In this regard, the contingency plan to increase more than 100 million cubic meters of gas per day with the development of 12 gas fields and the construction and reprocessing of 7 gas pressure stations is underway.

Management of 23 production units / desalination unit / separation center, a refinery, more than 5 thousand kilometers of flow pipelines in impassable areas and more than 600 gas and oil wells with unique complications is one of the daily challenges of the company.

The maximum use of the technical and equipment capacity of domestic companies to repair wells, is always considered, and in this regard the construction of high-pressure completion strings, the production of kinetic hydrate inhibitor (KHI), pipeline drag-reducing agents (DRA) and H2S scavenger can be mentioned. Reducing the inlet pressure of Nar gas pressure station was another important measure that was achieved by using the technical capabilities of domestic companies.

In line with the implementation of abandoned/low efficiency wells revitalization plan using the capabilities of Iranian knowledge-based companies and based on the study and participation of experts from relevant departments in the headquarters and subsidiaries (South Zagros, East and West Oil and Gas production Companies), the screening of about 100 abandoned and low efficiency oil and gas wells (mainly gas wells) have been defined.



Producing oil and gas, while improving quality and promoting productivity

Developing oil and gas fields, giving priority to joint fields at minimum cost and time, and appropriate quality

Realization of production plan assigned by the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC)

Continual prevention and reduction of environmental pollution caused by product, services and activities

Improving health and safety level in the workplace and giving priority to preventing any injury and illness in employees and people affected by the company's activities.

Development and promotion of the dignity of human capital and attention to effective and practical education

Improvement of energy performance including consumption, efficiency and energy usage




Optimal use of resources in order to improve the level of productivity in the organization.

Respecting the rights of stakeholders, customers and clients and continuous efforts to increase the level of customer satisfaction.

Complying with all regulations and legal requirements, and preparation and implementation of operational standards.

Continuous improvement of quality, environment, safety, occupational health and energy performance, and ensuring the availability of information and resources necessary to achieve integrated management system objectives.

Development and application of information and communication technology in order to achieve the goals of electronic government.

Managing and regulating favorable and effective relationships with contractors, suppliers of goods and services and their continuous evaluation.


 Sarajeh Qom Operational region

Sarajeh gas field is located in the southeast of Qom city. Due to its proximity to the capital city of Tehran and cross-country pipelines and reservoir conditions, this field is the best option for storing gas in the warm months of the year and using them in the cold months of the year. This project is the first experience of gas storage in Iran.




South Zagros Oil and gas Production Company

South Zagros oil and gas production company, based in Shiraz, is in charge of producing oil and gas from the fields located in provinces such as Fars, Hormozgan ,Bushehr, Kohgiloyeh & boyerahmad and Charmahal & bakhtiyari.  This company is responsible for providing gas and condensate from independent gas fields in four operational regions including Nar & Kangan, Aghar & Dalan, Sarkhon, and Parsian. It also produces oil from fields such as Sarvestan and Saadat Abad fields. Part of gas outlet of the company is transferred to fields of National Iranian South Oil Company and major part is transferred to refineries under National Iranian Gas Company. Company's condensate is sent to Shiraz, Bandar Abbas, Parsian and Fajr Jam refineries, and for export to Bandar Taheri.


SZOGPC Building, Alley 42., Karimkhan Zand Blvd., Shiraz, Iran Tel: +9871-32314400



East Oil and Gas Production Company

East Oil and Gas Production Company, based in Mashhad city, is one the three ICOFC subsidiaries within the boundaries of Khorasan Razavi, Northern and Southern Khorasan provinces. There are two gas fields under EOGPC, named Khangiran and Gonbadli, which supply gas demand of North and East part of the country. Company's gas output is transferred to Shahid Hashemi Nejad gas refinery.

In addition, the operation of the natural gas storage project of Shurijeh D reservoir as the second strategic gas storage project of the country has been carried out in this company.

No.18, Payam 6 St., Ershad Blvd., Khayam Blvd., Mashhad, Iran

Tel: +985137047000



West Oil and Gas Production Company

West Oil and Gas Production Company, based in Kermanshah, is one of the three ICOFC subsidiaries within the boundaries of Kermanshah, lllam, Khozestan and Lorestan provinces. This company is responsible for oil and gas production from Cheshmeh khosh, Dehloran, Sarkan/ Maleh kuh, Naftshahr and Tang-e-bijar operational regions.

No.42, Zan Blvd., Naft Sq., Kermanshah, Iran

Tel: +9883-38370072



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