Research and Development

Role and importance of Research and Technology on development of a country has always been on the rise. Therefore, over the past 50 years industrial countries as well as developing countries have paid heed to the promotion of research indicators considering the role of research in creating technology and expediting development.
To look at the status of research and technology budget in most developed countries, it is found out that between 1.5 to 3 percent of national gross production is allocated to research. We can certainly claim that there is a direct relation between research and technology and the rate of sustainable development of a country.
In 2000 Research and Technology was born in National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC with over 100 years background) and simultaneously, NIOC Subsidiaries established Research and Development department. Iranian Central Oil Fields Company, concurrent with other NIOC Subsidiaries, operated such a dept. within the framework of NIOC policies in this regard.


Objectives and Policies
Main goal of establishing R and D dept. in ICOFC is to pave the way for innovation and creativity in industry as well as utilization of research potentials of the country such as universities and research centers to prepare and promote required technologies for all-out growth of the industry.

Executive Foundation
1- Specialized Committee
- Arrangement of Members
The committees consist of a chairman suggested by the Head of Research dept. and then appointed by Managing Director for a two-year term. Other members are selected from experienced and well-educated individuals of oil industry as well as some university faculties by mutual cooperation of Research Head and the committee Head.
- Duties of committee
1- Definition of topics for applicable research projects
2- Providing job description for research projects
3- Evaluation of research proposal received from universities and research institutions
4- Supervision over the implementation of research projects...

2- Research Council
Research council is made up of managing director, deputy managing director, directors of the headquarters, managing directors of ICOFC affiliated companies or their representatives as well as two university faculties. The duty of the council is as follows:
1- Ratification of research projects
2- Ratification of science and technology road map
3- Review and confirmation of long-term, mid-term and short-term strategic plan
4- Ratification of rules and regulations required for facilitation of research activities

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