Major underway Plans and projects






Khesht Oil Field Development

Production of 30 thousand barrels of oil and transmission to Gonaveh manifold for export



Construction of Cheshmeh khosh compressor and gas injection station

Accumulation of associated gases of  Cheshmeh khosh  oilfield and injection into the field in order to raise the output



Construction of  West Paydar compressor and gas injection station at Cheshmeh khosh region

Accumulation of associated gases of  West Paydar field (Asmari) and injection into Cheshmeh khosh field to raise the output




Gas Storage in Shorijeh-D field

Injection of 10 mcm/d of gas into Shorijeh reservoir during 8 warm months of year and withdrawal and transmission of 20 mcm/d of sweet gas in 4 cold months of the year



Construction of Dalan refinery

Construction of Dalan refinery for gas processing of Aghar field (phase-2)


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