South Zagros Oil and Gas Production Company


South Zagros oil and gas production company, based in Shiraz, is in charge of producing oil and gas from the fields located in provinces such as Fars, Hormozgan ,Boshehr, Kohgiloyeh & boyerahmad and Charmaha l & bakht iyari.

This company is responsible for prov iding gas and condensate from independent gas fields in four operational regions including Nar & Kangan, Aghar & Dalan, Sarkhon, and Parsian. It also produces oil from new oi l fields such as Sarvestan and Saadat Abad fields. Part of gas outlet of the company is transferred to fields of National Iranian South Oil Company and major part is transferred to refineries under National Iranian Gas Company. Company's condensate is sent to Shiraz, Bandar Abbas, Parsian and Fajr Jam refineries and Bandar Taheri for export.


Operational Regions:


Parsian Operational Region

Parsian region includes 4 gas fields (Shanol, Homa, Varavi and Tabnak). This region lies in the vicinity of Lamerd, Mohr and Khenj cities in Fars province with some 30 billion cubic meters of ga s production per year, which is refined in Parsian refinery and transferred to cross-country pipeline . These fields also produce some 12 million barrels of condensate yearly.


Nar and Kangan Operational Region:

Major gas output of the South Zagros Oil and Gas Production Company is produced from Nar and Kangan Operational Region.This operational region supplies some 27 billion cubic meters of the country's gas demand yearly.

Nar gas Field

Nar gas Field is located next to Kangan Field, in the vicinity of Jam city in Boshehr province .A compressor station has been constructed near the field to maximize gas production. It is capable of compressing and transferring some 35 million cubic meters of gas to Fair Jam refinery. Once condensate is separated from water, it is transferred to Fajr Jam refinery.

Kangan Gas Field

Kangan Gas Field is located I 60 km southeast of Boshehr near Kangan city. It is considered as one of the largest onshore gas fields in the Middle East. This field can produce over 18 billion cubic meters of gas and 4 million barrels of condensate yearly.



Aghar & Dalan Operational Region

This region includes two gas fields. It is located in Fars province and is considered as one of the largest gas fields of the country with 14 billion cubic meters of gas output processed in Farashband refinery for injec­tion to the cross-country gas pipeline as well as to the oil fields of the National Iranian South Oil Company.


Sarkhon and South Gashu Operational Region

This region includes Sarkhon and South Gashu gas fields. At present, Sarkhon gas field is the only active field in the region with the capacity of some 3 billion cubic meters of gas production. Meanwhile, Sarkhon gas field is located 20 km northeast of Bandar Abbas city.

South Gashu Field

South Gashu Field is in northeast of Bandar Abbas city.It is forecasted that the field become operational innear future. Development of the field has been scheduled as well.




Sarvestan/Saadat Abad Operational Region

This region, which is near Sarvestan city, includes two oil fields (Sarvestan and Saadat Abad). A production , desalination , compressor station, and gas and water injection plant has been constructed in the region. Oil production capacity of the field is about 2.5 million barrels per year.


Khesht Oil Field

This field is located 45 km southwest of Kazeron, near Kenar Takhteh city. In near future, desalination facilities, a gas compressor station, oil pumping to Bandar Gonaveh, a sweetening facility, and a system for stabilizing oil steam pressure will be constructed in the region. Once the field becomes operational, its oil output capacity will reach some 11 million barrels per year.


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