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A global boom in natural gas pipelines and terminals is putting the energy industry on a "collision course" with the Paris climate goals, according to a new analysis of investment in the worlds new favourite fuel.
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Each year brings new research showing that oil and natural gas wells leak significant amounts of the potent greenhouse gas methane.
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Global technology powerhouse Siemens has announced plans to install the world’s first lithium-ion battery solution for an offshore drilling rig.
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Extracting gas from new sources is vital in order to supplement dwindling conventional supplies. Shale reservoirs host gas trapped in the pores of mudstone, which consists of a mixture of silt mineral particles ranging from 4 to 60 microns in size, and clay elements smaller than 4 microns.
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Energy company Cuadrilla said Friday it has extracted shale gas in Britain for the first time since resuming fracking operations it halted in 2011 over environmental concerns.
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China imported Iranian crude at an average daily rate of 874,000 barrels last month, S&P Global Platts data shows, and, according to the agency, these will start declining now, with the August number representing the peak.
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