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Oil sanctions against Iran remain effective. But the country says it would export 2.3 mb/d of oil and condensate this year. Many experts believe that Iran’s return to the oil market is unlikely to cause any shock.
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Iran: OPEC’s ‘brilliant history’ and the necessity of continued cooperation
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Iran’s gas industry development has over the past six years seen daily growing development with the focus having been on recovery from the giant South Pars gas field.
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Oil prices keep falling. Nobody could imagine that oil prices would hit their 17-year lows in less than three months. Analysts shift the blame on the novel coronavirus outbreak, which has degenerated into a global crisis. The Covid-19 outbreak caused economic stagnation and demand for oil and petroleum products dropped severely.
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The idea of establishing oil startups was first raised less than a year ago by Petroleum Minister Bijan Zangeneh.
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The Reservoir Management and Field Development Division of the Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) is a dynamic specialized and scientific center seeking to bring about new changes in the upstream petroleum industry based on modern technologies and latest scientific achievements.
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