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News > Determining Fate of Joint Oil, Gas Fields, a Priority

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Javad Owji
Proposed Petroleum Minister:

Determining Fate of Joint Oil, Gas Fields, a Priority

The proposed Minister of Petroleum, Javad Owji, said: "In the new era, the fate of oil and gas fields that have not been determined in the past decades will be determined."

Mr. Owji, attending the meeting of the strategic faction of the Islamic Consultative Assembly on Friday evening (August 13), said: "Using the capable managers of this ministry and using the methods that exist today regarding oil sales, in this period focus must be on the sale of oil."

He added: "We must tap the power of the private sector. If this field is entrusted to the private sector and the support of the establishment, the Islamic Consultative Assembly, the National Security Council and the heads of the forces is mustered, the figures in this industry will be much higher than the current levels."

The proposed petroleum minister stated: "Another issue is the determination of the fate of joint oil and gas fields which has not been done in recent decades... We must pursue complementary petrochemical supply chain, which will lead to both employment and income generation, and requires very low investment."


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