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ICOFC Ready for Sustainable Gas Supply During Winter

Chief Executive Officer of Iranian Central Oil Fields Company (ICOFC) announced his company’s readiness for the sustained supply of gas during winter.

Ramin Hatami announced the realization of plans and readiness for the sustained supply of gas for domestic and industrial consumers.

"Due to the efforts of the company"s staff, especially in technical and operational units, major repairs have been carried out in a significant part of facilities and gas transmission lines with the aim of continuous and safe production. These repairs will continue until the middle of the next Iranian calendar month (early October), and the installations will be completely ready to supply winter gas with all the power and capacity", he explained.

Last week, the head of National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC)"s Production Coordination and Supervision Directorate said the country"s natural gas refineries are completely ready for the sustained supply of gas in the cold season.

Masoud Zardovian said the annual overhaul program of the country"s refineries is progressed over 65 percent, explaining: "During the first seven months of the year, an intensive overhaul program is defined and implemented at a specific schedule for the 18 gas refineries that are now operational so that we can get through the winter smoothly."

"By implementing this program, which aims to maintain the system in an efficient condition, the reliability of the refineries will increase, and in this way, we can maximize the amount of processing and ensure that clean, safe, and efficient gas is supplied to various sectors," he added.


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