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News > WOGPC Expert Builds Electronic Control Valve

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WOGPC Expert Builds Electronic Control Valve
WOGPC Expert Builds Electronic Control Valve

The electronic board of control valves was designed and built by one of the employees of the instrumentation department of Dehloran operational district in an innovative way.

According to the West Oil and Gas Production Company (WOGPC), Abouzar Abdsheikhi said positioner is one of the most widely used parts in the oil industry. The item has two electronic and electro-pneumatic parts, but its electronic part often hits a problem, while the electro-pneumatic part remains intact and due to the lack of an alternative electronic board, the positioner is inevitably unusable and a new positioner must be purchased and replaced.

This imposes a heavy financial burden on the company but given the international sanctions, it is not possible to purchase the part.

Referring to the application of this tool in the oil industry, he added: "In the oil and gas industry, control valves are most used in controlling the production process, and therefore to determine the position of these control valves, a positioner is needed. A new method has been designed so that it can easily replace the main board, which fortunately with the new design, this problem was completely solved."


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